What is the State of Aging report?

This report is a tool to help generate transformative ideas that address the unique and diverse needs of older adults in Central Indiana. It aims to provide actionable information and inspire community leaders, decision-makers, senior-serving organizations, and philanthropic organizations to envision potential programs, funding, and policies that will help Central Indiana seniors have equal opportunity for a healthy, dignified, and enjoyable life.

Are We Ready to Help Older Adults Age in Place?

Will there be adequate services and care to meet the needs of this population so they can adequately age in place?

We need teamwork to help older adults meet their housing needs

Tauhric Brown, CEO of CICOA, discusses findings from the 2021 CASOA Survey, including the need to support older adults with affording and maintaining a home.

Key healthcare industries growing

Industries related to care for older adults have seen big revenue increases with the aging population driving demand, as reported recently by the U.S. Census Bureau. For information on local trends, needs, and more, check out the State of Aging in Central Indiana Report.

Social Wellbeing

The social wellbeing of older adults is dependent on positive, durable relationships and sustained access to community roles and social institutions.  This section of the report discusses social inclusion and purposeful living.

Financial Stability

Whether or not an older adult is financially stable depends on life experiences, age, and other key characteristics. This section of the report assesses financial stability, including household income, poverty levels, and the experiences of older adults in Central Indiana.

Living in the Community with Dementia

This research brief discusses the many challenges faced by the growing number of older people living with dementia (PLWD) in the community; and several promising initiatives that aim to better support PLWD and their caregivers.

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a challenge for many older adults with low incomes. Nationally, one in ten households are food insecure, and the rate is even higher in Indiana. This section of the report discusses the breadth of food insecurity among Central Indiana’s older adults, including food access and barriers to food security.


With topics spanning economic wellbeing, social wellbeing, and equity, this is the most comprehensive look yet at the state of Central Indiana’s older adults. Learn more.


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These focused reports dig deep on specific issues such as aging in place, transportation, and social capital. Learn more.

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